Welcome to the Quiz Application

Welcome to the quiz application!

This is a simple quiz application where a user can take up a quiz based on his choice of interest(categorized) and can view his results after finishing the test. The following are the features of this application:

  • There are two types of roles, namely Admin and General User
  • Admin can create categories, edit categories, create quiz, delete quiz.
  • The admin has to create a category before he creates a quiz, so that the quiz can be placed under the appropriate section.
  • The user can only take up a quiz and view the results.
  • The user has to agree to the terms and conditions of the quiz, without which he cannot take up the quiz.
  • The link to the quiz results that the user has attempted, will be made visible on the user profile, from where he can view the results at a later point of time.
  • For the ease of use, the register and login has been facilitated only through Google Account. This prevents user from having to fill his details while registering.
  • If you are logged in as a user, you can check out some quizzes from the below categories.
  • If the user has not logged in or registerd and still goes on to take a quiz. He will be first taken to the login/register page. After he finishes logging in, he will be redirected to the quiz page.
  • There is one and only Admin account. To view the features of the admin account, go to the login page and hit the Auto Fill button on the Admin login panel.
  • The visibility of the quiz can be either Public or Private
  • A quiz can contain numerous questions. But while creating the quiz, there is an option to select how many questions must appear at a single point of time. (Ex: Suppose a quiz contains 10 questions. But while publishing the quiz, the user can be made to attempt it only for 5 questions.)
  • There is also a option to shuffle the quiz questions, so that each time different question would appear.
  • This application works very well on mobile devices as well.